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Does statistics report refreshes real time?
No. Statistics is NOT realtime. It's updated every 10 minutes.

General information

What niches does your affiliate program work with?
Our site is a large adult social network that enables its users to communicate, date and share photos and videos with each other. Thus, we cover all the available niches.
How much money will I make?
Meendo will always pay you up to 50% of what the user spends but there’s actually no limit to how much money you can make. The more traffic you send, the more money you earn.
How and when will I get paid?
Our payment frequency is 15 days. $50 is the minimum you must have in your account before we send your payment.
What payment methods do you use?
We use Paxum, Checks, Wire, Webmoney, eCoin, ePayService for payouts.
Do you have a hold?
Yes we do. Two weeks.
How much will it cost me to become your affiliate?
Join us will cost you nothing. It’s free, fast and easy
Do I need to have a site of my own to join your affiliate program?
No, you don’t. But you have to be ready to provide us with your traffic sources if requested.
What promo tools do you offer?
We have many promotional tools such as banners of all sizes, free hosted photo and video galleries, links and more.
How often do you update your promo content?
We have regular updates in the beginning and in the middle of every month.
What kind of services are your customers paying for?
Registered users buy all kinds of different services. They can become a "VIP Services", get the "Download video", "Advanced search" or "Original size photos" feature, etc.
Do you have a webmaster referral program?
Yes we do. Our webmaster referral program pays the referring webmaster 5% per sign up made by the referred and approved webmaster.
Are there any countries you do not accept traffic from?
Yes, we do not accept traffic from Belarus, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan

Getting started

What is your promotion policy?
All our affiliates without exception are restricted from using any of the following methods:
- Using words such as "child", "Lolita", "incest", "rape", etc
- Bestiality, zoophile, rape, violent content or any other illegal or unethical content
- Spamming
- Malware traffic generation
- Iframe (except iframe in "doorways")
My account was blocked. Why?
We have the right to close any account without having to give any explanations. If you think this is a mistake on our side, please contact us.
How do I contact support?
You can contact support through ICQ: 221725975 and E-mail
How do I log in to your affiliate program?
Use login form in the header of any page
Where are the promo materials and how do I choose which ones to use?
In the top menu there’s a link to the "All Promo" area. Click on it and you’ll be redirected to the Promo page. There you’ll be able to select any of the materials available, choose the one you prefer and click on the "Select".
Where do I go to see the stats on my account?
In the top menu there’s an area called "Statistic".


How do I change the display language?
There are buttons in the upper right corner of the panel with which to change the language from Russian (RU) to English (EN) and vice versa.
Menu "Statistic"
This menu displays detailed statistics of your account for the current month by day.
Menu "Promo"
Shows all available promotional tools and materials.
Menu "Finances"
Shows all your payment transactions.
Menu "Referrals"
Shows the total amount of referrals and your referring code and banners.
Menu "Profile"
This menu will allow you to change all your personal information.

Pay Per Lead

What is Pay per lead?
PPL are money we pay you if user you referred to our site creates account. That is possible thanks to advertising sold on site (banner spots). No ads - no PPL.
Why are PPL rates different for different countries?
As we've mentioned above - PPL is possible thanks to profit from advertising on site. Each country makes different profit thus each country has it's own PPL rate.
Do you update PPL rates? How often?
Rates are updated 2-3 times per month.
Is the PPL the only money I get?
Definitely not! We pay 50% revshare of what user spends on different pay services.